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Care Tip - Gusti Leder studio

Gusti Leder studio care tips

Your new Gusti Leather bag has arrived! Before venturing outside where it will be exposed to the elements, here are a few useful things to note.

The first step

So that you can have the most from your new bag, it's important to take good care of it. We highly recommend using an impregnation spray on the surface of the leather as soon as it is unpacked. A standard protection spray will protect the leather from moisture and sunlight.

What care product(s) should I use?

For optimal care of your Gusti Leder studio bag you simply need to be aware of the type of leather the product is made of. Whether suede, smooth or rough leather, there is a care product to help each type of leather remain soft and supple for up to 50 years and these will be found in most supermarkets or shoe cobbler shops.