Why the name "Gusti"?

Why "Gusti"?

by Christian Pietsch

This is the story all about how...just kidding! So, why did I call my company 'Gusti Leather'? When I was about ten years old a new neighbour moved in next door. The house had five families living in it at the time but the new neighbour paid a lot of money so he could move in and have the place to himself. He was a rich bank manager and his house was about three times as big as ours. He lived there for eight years and sadly had three unsuccessful marriages. It seemed that wives came and went as frequently as the postman. However, there was someone who stayed with him through all of this and that was his goat, Gusti. I remember how he used to bleat at me as I watched him from my window. When the bank manager went away on holiday, I was in charge of looking after and feeding Gusti. He was extremely stubborn but he was the quickest potato-skin-eater I have ever seen. When I was fifteen, my parents decided to keep goats. Of course, we named the male after Gusti. We had two other goats, Luise and Lotte, and they were happy keeping our lawn trimmed. A few years down the line, while I was establishing my leather company, whose range consists of 90% goat leather products, I was looking for an appropriate name and only one came into mind:

Gusti Leather.

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