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Emma model Emma
Wallet purse large wallet large purse womens wallet womens purse vintage brown leather
$24.50 *
Evelyn model Evelyn
Shoulder bag handbag leather shoulder bag vintage brown leather
$66.50 *
Felix model Felix
Pen case pencil case leather roll up pencil case pen case pen pouch vintage brown leather
$10.50 *
Summer M model Summer M
Handbag leather handbag shoulder bag leather shoulder bag brown leather
$24.50 *
Therese model Therese
Handbag tote bag shoulder bag shopper handbag leather tote bag vintage brown leather with zip
$72.50 *
Finlay 15" model Finlay 15"
Shoulder bag satchel real leather bag vintage college bag vintage satchel brown leather
$72.50 *
Spencer model Spencer
Belt bag belly bag bum bag fanny pack festival bag handbag black leather
$44.50 *
Cillian model Cillian
Belt bag bum bag waist bag hip bag fanny pack leather bum bag festival bag black leather mens womens unisex
$49.50 *
Maisie model Maisie
Shoulder bag leather bag handbag black leather
$44.50 *
Wiebke model Wiebke
Handbag shoulder bag evening bag small leather bag vintage brown leather
$55.50 *
Agatha model Agatha
Tote bag shopper leather tote bag handbag laptop case laptop bag brown leather
$72.50 *
Emilia 10" model Emilia 10"
Shoulder bag handbag satchel cross body bag leather bag vintage brown leather
$49.50 *
Jacqueline model Jacqueline
Shoulder bag leather bag tote bag shopper handbag leather womens vintage black
$83.50 *

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Can't get enough of our high-quality, natural Gusti Leather products? Need a vintage vibe in your life? Love the distinct smell of leather? Us too!

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Sheldon model Sheldon
Keychain keyring leather pendant brown leather
$3.50 * $1.50 *
Corwin Corwin
Bookmark page marker book mark with ribbon brown leather
$3.50 * $2.50 *
Federica model Federica
Belt waist belt chunky waist belt oversized chunky belt wide band belt tie belt accessories womens brown leather
$27.50 * $16.50 *
Victoria Victoria
Luggage tag luggage label leather luggage tag suitcase tag brown leather
$5.50 * $3.50 *
Karisma model Karisma
Shoulder bag womens purse handbag leather satchel leather shoulder bag vintage brown leather
$38.50 * $27.50 *
Almina model Almina
Handbag Shoulder Bag Leather Bag Classic Simple Black Saffiano Leather
$55.50 * $44.50 *
Audrey Audrey
book sketchbook notebook guestbook DIN B5 Brown leather
$17.50 * $10.50 *
Brauner Leder-Schlüsselanhänger Conrad
Keyring Pendant Keyring Leather Strap Keyring Vintage Brown Leather
$10.50 * $3.50 *
schwarze federmappe leder Peter
Pen case pencil case leather pencil case leather pen case pen pouch black leather
$12.50 * $8.50 *
Easton model Easton
Wallet bifold wallet mens wallet leather wallet brown leather
$25.50 * $16.50 *
Saskia Saskia
Notebook Calendar Diary Leather Book Travel Journal Brown Leather
$16.50 * $12.50 *
Alvar model Alvar
Armband Leather Leather Jewellery Brown Leather
$9.50 * From $2.50 *
Marja model Marja
Bracelet bangle leather bracelet woven leather bracelet large leather bracelet L brown leather
$8.50 * From $5.50 *
Ingvar model Ingvar
Armband Leather Leather Jewellery Vintage
$5.50 * From $1.50 *
Ove Ove
Backpack Leather Backpack City Backpack Outdoor Backpack Daypack Vintage Ladies Men Brown Leather
$100.50 * $77.50 *

Sustainable production and slow fashion

Leather as a 100% recycled product


How does Gusti contribute?

We put a lot of emphasis on the importance of contributing to the world of slow fashion at Gusti Leather. Along with creating high-quality products, we focus on being transparent. We are open with our customers when it comes to our leather and how it’s produced. This has paid off and has become one of our biggest strengths. Creating partnerships that are based on trust with our local manufacturers is hugely important to us, as this is the only way that we’ll be able to achieve our goals in terms of sustainability and humanitarian efforts. This is why we have a 360° view available on our website, so that you can see the environment in which your item was manufactured.


Get inspired

What about a personalized Gusti Leather item for your favorite person? You can add a personalized engraving to most of our products. Be it a name, a special date, your motto, a special saying or song lyrics, and more. Make your Gusti product unique!

Has the buckle fallen off your favorite bag? Or a seam split somewhere? No problem! Get your leather lovely repaired by contacting our customer support team. We offer free repairs* for Gusti products for 1 year following your purchase.

Slow fashion

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Slow fashion refers to the sustainable consumption of clothing or other fashion items. It's the opposite of "fast fashion". Slow fashion focuses on high-quality products that have a long lifespan.