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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

1) Delivery & Shipping

Order Dispatch

How quickly will my order be dispatched?

Your order will be dispatched as soon as we have received payment for it. For PayPal and SOFORT payments, dispatch will occur directly after the order has been placed. For bank transfer payments, dispatch will occur as soon as payment has been successfully received by us.


How can I track my order?

In the dispatch confirmation email, which you will automatically receive, you will find details regarding delivery. The tracking number, name of the delivery firm and expected delivery date are included.

Delivery Time

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will normally be delivered within 7 working days after shipment. Delivery of engraved items will require an additional 7-10 working days.

Delivery Address

Can I choose any delivery adress?

Packstations, parcel shops or post boxes are not accepted as delivery addresses.

Failed Delivery Attempt

Will my order be sent again if the original delivery failed because of an incorrect address?

Our customers are responsible for entering the correct details when ordering. If the delivery address we receive is incorrect and the order can then not be successfully delivered, it is the customer’s responsibility to place a new order. Any additional costs incurred are also to be covered by the customer.


2) Payment Methods

Payment Options

How can Gusti Leather products be paid for?

There are several payment methods available to Gusti Leather customers:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • ApplePay

Payment using the online system PayPal can be selected at the checkout. A separate, valid PayPal account is required and the customer will be automatically forwarded to the PayPal site at the checkout stage.

Credit card

You can also easily and safely pay with credit card. We accept European cards with a Mastercard or Visa symbol. The order will be sent immediately after receiving payment. In case of refunds, for order cancellation for example, the credit card details from the original payment will be used.

Your credit card details will be encrypted using an SSL-Method. This highly secure system makes your credit card payment completely safe.


3) Returns / Exchanges / Repairs

When can I return an item?

When can I return a product?

The customer has the right to return items with or without reason within 30 days of purchase. These 30 days begin when the customer has received the final part of the order. If the product has been unused (eg, if the product was a gift) we will also accept it back after 30 days. Please contact us at for further details.

Where should I return the item to?

Should I return the product to Amazon or to Gusti Leather?

If you place an order on Amazon, please check their Help Pages for further details and return the order to Amazon.

If you order from our Gusti Leather website, please contact our customer support team (at to receive a returns label. Then print out the label and simply attach it to the front of the package to be returned to us. Please take it to your nearest Hermes ParcelShop, they will deal with its delivery back to us. You can find your nearest Hermes ParcelShop here:

Unpaid / Incorrectly Paid Postage

Unpaid/ Incorrectly paid postage

In the case of unpaid/incorrectly paid deliveries back to us, we charge £15 to accept such items. We therefore do not accept parcels which have been sent without adequate postage.

Return Cost

Who covers the cost of a return?

Please use our returns label. This can be sent to you via email - please see above. Returns of orders within Germany are free, returns from outside of Germany will cost £3,00. If our returns label is not used, we will not be able to cover the cost for the return.


Can I exchange a product?

We do not offer exchanges, unfortunately. Of course, we accept products returned to us, if they are not suitable and as soon as we receive the product back, we will refund your money. In the meantime, we suggest to the customer to place a new order for the correct product - this reduces the waiting time for the customer to receive the new/correct product. Unfortunately, we cannot settle differences between amounts of differing orders.


My Gusti Leather product needs a repair. Shall I send it back? Who will cover the repair costs?

Please contact and describe the issue, including photos where possible. In most cases, within 6 months of purchase, a repair will be suggested where Gusti Leather will cover the cost. If it is more than 6 months after purchase, we will offer to cover a part of the repair costs.


4) Special Orders / Engraved Items

Engraved Products

Can I order personalised bags and accessories from Gusti Leather?

Yes! We offer engraving on certain products. For products that can be engraved, an "Add Engraving" option is displayed above the "Add to Cart" button. If more than 10 engraved products are required, please contact Customer Service at: for information regarding a bulk discount.

Returning Engraved Items

Can I return an engraved item if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately not, since engraved items are specially produced to individual criteria.


5) Care Tips

Care Tips - Gusti Leder nature

What can I do to care for my Gusti Leder nature product?

Your Gusti Leather nature product can be treated with beeswax or sunflower oil. Just make sure that it is applied evenly and lightly. Try testing it in an unnoticeable corner first, as it can lead to a darkening of the leather.

My product has holes / scratches on the leather - why is ths?

We use the hides from free range goats in our Gusti Leder nature products. This means that the leather can have small scratches from the trees or bushes where they roamed, for example. This simply proves just how natural our products are.

Why does my product look different to the product on the website?

We work with different producers and small family-run businesses. This can therefore lead to variations in colour, tone, stitching and inner lining. Each product really is unique and any possible differences will be stated in the product description. Some of our products are also naturally dyed using poppy, saffron and indigo which can also lead to slight variations.

How can I protect my product from the rain?

Rain doesn’t usually have a negative effect on our leather products, however, we would suggest protecting the bag from any unnecessary rainfall or moisture.

Care Tips - Gusti Leder studio

What can I do to care for my Gusti Leder studio product?

For optimal care of your Gusti Leder studio bag you simply need to be aware of the type of leather the product is made of. Whether suede, smooth or rough leather, there is a care product to help each type of leather remain soft and supple for up to 50 years and these will be found in most supermarkets or shoe cobbler shops. We also highly recommend using an impregnation spray on the surface of the leather as soon as it is unpacked.

Why does my product look different to the product on the website?

Our Gusti Leather studio products should not be too different from the photos shown on our website. If this is the case, however, please let us know about it at

How can I protect my product from the rain?

Rain doesn’t usually have a negative effect on our leather products, however, we would suggest protecting the bag from any unnecessary rainfall or moisture.


What can I do to get rid of the smell of my leather product?

All Gusti Leder nature products are tanned oiled using plant based materials. To reduce any unwanted smell, continuous use of the product is suggested: the smell should reduce or disappear within 14 days. A short-term solution is to apply a beeswax based product to the surface of the leather. For all productswe also suggest lying a perfumed cushion/pillow inside the bag. Unfortunately, simply airing out the bag has proven to be ineffective.

White Marks

What are the white marks on the surface of the leather?

In rare cases, white marks or spots can be seen on the leather of our Gusti Leather nature products. These are tallow marks (Ghee) which was used in the production process and can be very easily removed. We suggest slowly warming the leather and wiping it away with a clean, dry cloth.


6) Refunds & Discounts


How quickly will I get a refund?

We normally refund money within 5-7 working days after receipt of the returned item. We apologise for any inconvenience if the process takes any longer than this.

Dealer Discount

Can I get a discount if I am a dealer/shop owner?

No, we only sell our products directly to our customers and not through third parties.

Bulk Discount

Is it possible to have a discount on bulk orders?

In most cases we do not offer bulk discounts. However, in orders over £750 such a discount may be possible. Please contact us at for further details.

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