Leather bicycle saddles

There are numerous advantages to using a leather bicycle saddle, they don’t just look great. The most important thing to know about leather bicycle saddles is that they adapt to the anatomy of the rider. Leather is a very breathable material and doesn’t heat up when you sweat. Leather saddles can last a lifetime, which may influence your choice of saddle. But there are a couple of things you should know about your leather saddle before you buy it.

Breaking in your leather saddle

Just like any other saddle, it’s important that your leather saddle fits your body. Bike saddles with suspension are usually ready to go straight away, but other saddles need to be broken in. It takes a few miles to break in your saddle so that it’s soft and has adapted to the shape of your bottom.



How do I look after my leather bike saddle?

Regularly treating your leather saddle using wax or conditioner helps keep the saddle soft and supple, increasing its lifespan. It’s particularly important that you treat your saddle before you first use it. If possible, you should grease from the underside of the saddle. It may take you a little time to apply the leather conditioner or wax, so we recommend wearing old trousers that you don’t mind getting dirty. It’s important that your leather saddle is protected from the rain. We recommend buying a rain cover if your bike spends a lot of time parked outside. Some leather saddles have a screw at the end which you can use to change and tighten the saddle’s cover.


Take a look at how to change the leather on your bike saddle here:



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